What Makes Us One of a Kind?


AliyahExpress is the only company of its kind in Israel – providing a complete list of services for the “Ole Chadash” . Seeing as the government has a limited package and assistance for “Ole Chadash” We are here to bridge the gap with all the bureaucracy and issues we know arise when making aliyah. Saving you time, frustration and money.
We have a lot of experience dealing with “Olim Chadashim,” and are familiar with all the pitfalls and hardships of the process. One co-founder is married to an “Ola Chadash” and the other a lawyer specializing in immigration and real estate law. We know it can be extremely frustrating and complicated to navigate through the unfamiliar Israeli bureaucracy, and we are here to help you with these problems in every way we can.


The service we provide is worthwhile and affordable to every “Ole Chadash”. AliyahExpress is here to help you save on unnecessary expense and overcharges that can occur due to the lack of knowledge of market prices, language barriers, and cultural differences. AliyahExpress offer our services at a price suitable for all pockets, Furthermore, for our service is pricing inconsequential in comparison to the money we help you save. Our promise and guarantee, is to help secure the best prices, This is especially true with all the expenses of settling in, where at times an “Ole Chadash” can be overcharged, and taken advantage of due to their lack of knowledge. We will help you spend correctly, something that isn’t easy to do when unfamiliar with the aliyah process and the cost of living expenses in Israel. Let us be your representative, and act on your behalf when facing every kind of bureaucratic issue you will inevitably face here in Israel.


AliyahExpress has years of experience in guiding, assisting and supporting the “Ole Chadash”. We are here to cater to the needs of both individuals and families who are planning on making aliyah, or who have already made aliyah to Israel.
With our years of experience, let us relieve you of the hassle and headaches one faces dealing with local municipalities, government offices, private providers, and things that can bring you to a breaking point when unfamiliar in how to deal with them. So relax, go to the beach or a coffee shop and let us take it off your hands, so you can go about your day.


AliyahExpress will cater to YOUR specific needs to expedite and assist with YOUR absorption process in Israel. We at AliyahExpress put you in the spotlight of our services. After so many years of experience dealing with “Olim chadashim” we came to realize that each person require a different way of dealing with, no person is the same as the other.
Even if you think that your situation is the same as many other, its not. That why we emphasize each person as our most important client.


20 Yona Hanavi street, Tel Aviv-Yafo