About Us

AliyahExpress was established with the sole purpose of providing the “Ole Chadash” with all the support and assistance they might need, once they have decided to make Aliyah to Israel. Let us guide you through all the bureaucratic hurdles you’ll face before and after your arrival in Israel. We are experts in the specific laws and benefits that relate to immigration, banking, real estate, taxes, education, healthcare, and more.

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Our vast and experienced network allows us to help you bridge the consumer gap and find the best prices on any kind of professional service providers that you may need in Israel. This saves you both the hassle and headaches of locating, communicating, and comparing prices— all while ensuring that you are never being taken advantage of in the process.

Our Guarantee

From the moment you sign up with AliyahExpress, you will receive direct guidance and personal assistance throughout the entire period you are registered with us. We were created for the sole purpose of helping and assisting the individual needs of the “Ole Chadash.” We strive to exceed your needs and expectations, as we recognize that satisfied customers are our best advertisers.

Our Founders

Ron Keli

AliyahExpress was created when I understood the difficulties that the “Ole Chadash” was facing. I was exposed to the olim community 8 years ago when I met my wife. I saw and felt the extreme difficulties that the olim community faces when having to deal with government offices, private companies and others.Over the years I came across many Olim who decided to leave Israel because of bureaucracy and difficulties adjusting to life here with out any help. Since all Jews that make Aliyah to Israel come to Israel in order to stay here and not leave, it broke my heart. I have a business management degree and together with my experience in dealing with governmental bureaucracy and private companies, our goal is to assist and manage the problems of the olim community those who live here and those who are planning to arrive.

Tamir Levy, Adv.

AliyahExpress was created because a huge group in Israel is not getting the right assistance and advice to acclimate to life in Israel. Over the years I encountered the difficulties of the “olim chadashim” since as a son of “Ola chadasha” I saw the lack of response and flexibility of the government officials, together with the lack of hebrew language, causing the “Olim chadashim” frustration and disappointment from the Israeli system.
As a lawyer qualified from the Israeli bar association, I am able to use my experience to provide every ole with the right advice and package to suit their needs.


20 Yona Hanavi street, Tel Aviv-Yafo