Our Services

We are here to take care of any problems you may encounter while starting your new life in Israel. Aliyah Express caters to you as an individual; therefore our services cover a wide spectrum of Aliyah-related issues:

Expert assistance with the Immigration process:/

we will provide a complete service in the immigration process, such as escort and representation when neccessery and possible in front of the official governmental offices such as ‘misrad haklita’, ‘misrad hapnim’ and etc, we also provide a complete folder of:

  • Organized and translated list of documentations needed.
  • Translated government forms to English or French.
  • List of Location, Hours of Operations and Contacts of Government agencies.
  • Step-by-Step breakdown and timeline of steps to expedite your immigration process.
Your own personal representative:/
  • Direct phone assistance for questions and concerns.
  • Scheduling appointments and specialized phone calls on your behalf.
  • Personal accompaniment at appointments when possible/needed.
  • Help and guidance with the bureaucratic process.
  • Expert assistance and hands-on care with: Banks, DMV, Social Security, Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption, Health Care and Insurance, Post Office, Ulpan Programs.
Finding and registering for educational programs:/

we will help you and your family to find the right educational programs that will fit yours needs.
We will assist in finding:

  • Preschools
  • Elementary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Universities
  • Specialized Courses
  • Ulpans
Employment assistance/

One of the biggest challenges that olim has is to search for a proper job in Israel, accordingly to their resume, CV, profession, academic degrees and experience. We will help you find this job and to MAXIMIZE your chances of having it by conducting :

  • job searches
  • re-writing your CV
  • prepare you to the interview by practice interviews
Finding the right accommodations/
  • Property management of private-owned or rental homes
  • Handling and securing, electricians, plumbers, or other skilled labor
  • Finding interior designers
  • furnise your home
  • Collecting mail when you’re away
  • Taking care of monthly bill payments and any other issues
  • Securing a good cleaning person
Finding the right car/
  • Helping to negotiate the purchase of a new/used car
  • Insurance Registration
  • Maintenance & finding the right mechanic
  • Yearly tests Transfer of international drivers license
  • Assist in any matter in front of the DMV office and your driving license transform
Handling the Israeli bureaucracy/

Help and assist in front of private companies such as the cable companies, cellular companies, private doctors and services providers and ETC:

  • Finding the best service providers.
  • attend meetings when necessary and possible.
  • manage the phone calls on your behalf.
  • Finding the best prices at the Israeli market.
Exploring Israel/

Recommending the top attractions and holiday spots in Israel— allowing you to discover our beautiful country and all it has to offer.


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