Welcome to AliyahExpress

AliyahExpress was established to benefit the “Ole Chadash”. The company was created for the sole purpose of helping and assisting the “Ole Chadash” with all, and every governmental, and private company related issues one will face in Israel. As of today, the government assistance that an “Ole Chadash” receives is extremely limited and does not include much help and support.

Most “Olim Chadashim” have described the absorption process to be quite complicated. Knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to do it with can cause major anxiety, when unfamiliar with the Israeli market place and processes.

What Makes Us One of a Kind?


AliyahExpress is the only company of it’s kind in Israel. We are 100% dedicated to the success of all our clients.


The services we provide are both worthwhile and affordable to meet the needs of every “Ole Chadash”.


We are experienced in assisting and supporting the
“Ole Chadash” with all their needs related to the aliyah process.


“We will cater to YOUR specific needs in order to ensure
a smooth and successful absorption process in Israel.

Our 4 Main Points of Service

Immigration, Banking, Career & Education

Handling the Israeli Bureaucracy

Real Estate & Asset management

Top-notch, Personalized Service

What our clients say

Michael & Neomi Goldman

While in the process of making aliyah, we decided we wanted to purchase an apartment by the sea. We first mentioned it to our AliyahExpress representative and literally the next day, one of the company owners called us to set up a meeting with him and

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Samuel and Yael

We know of AliyahExpress from the day it started. My husband and I already have Israeli ID cards, and recently decided to move to Israel permanently. My husband is originally from Israel and I lived here for a number of years when I was younger.

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Hi there, I’m David, 34 years old originally from France. I made aliyah a few years ago. I came to know of AliyahExpress, when I happen to find a wallet in the street, and contacted the owner to return it who surprisingly was Ron one of the owner of the company.

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Charlie & Judith Lesser

My husband and I found AliyahExpress through the recommendation of friends who used their services and spoke highly of them. We are the parents of two grown children and have always dreamt of making Aliyah to Israel but there was always something in the way.

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20 Yona Hanavi street, Tel Aviv-Yafo